A New Podcast: “Love to Tell the Story!”

20 Jun

Over the now 35 years (!) I’ve spent in the ministry, I’ve come to realize that a large part of what I do, in particular as a preacher, has to do with being a storyteller.

Nearly every Sunday I have the unique privilege and great joy of standing in front of a congregation to “tell the story;” the Biblical story, first and foremost, but also stories related to our Christian faith and how that gets lived out in life, yours and mine. It remains, even after all these years, my favorite part of ministry and, might I add, the most fun I have on the job! And so, spurred on by my family, encouraged by the good folk of the congregation I serve here in New Hampshire and in the interest of finding new and creative ways of telling those stories of faith I’m pleased to announce I’ve recently launched a pastoral podcast:  it’s called “Love to Tell the Story,” and as the title suggests, it consists of “sermons, devotional and other random stories” emanating from my life as a husband, father, Christian and New England pastor, including some some audio recordings of messages delivered from the East Church pulpit (the texts of which have been posted on this blog), regular mid-week reflections about life and faith and… well, a story or two.

Please know that I will continue to post sermons and reflections on this blog, but I’m really excited about this new opportunity and new means of storytelling, and I invite you to check it out… also know that this is very much a work in progress and I hope you’ll let me know what you think.

To listen by computer or phone app, visit, or via Spotify, Google Podcasts and Breaker as well as other podcast apps, with more to be announced soon!

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