The Snows of Lent

06 Mar

(Pastor’s Note: Not only does the calendar claim that in just two weeks winter will pass into spring but this year the Lenten season has begun in March, thus fueling some anticipation in this part of the world of a warm[er] Easter Sunday coming in April. And yet, as I write these words, the “real-feel” temperature here in New Hampshire is 4 degrees and the ground is still covered with ice and snow. Thus this post from 2014 which was the basis of my meditation at our Ash Wednesday Devotional Luncheon at East Church earlier today… )

Pastoral Ponderings

spring snows woodstock nh On the Pemigewasset River, near Woodstook, New Hampshire

As I write these words, tomorrow’s weather forecast is for yet another winter storm to hit New Hampshire; an “event” that if the predictions prove to be correct will include a potent mixture of snow, ice and rain.

Oy! It’s now official, friends; I am sick and tired of winter and everything that goes along with it!

Don’t get me wrong: I have always greatly enjoyed winter, especially as it unfolds here in New England; in fact, even the prospect of a good old fashioned nor’easter (and resulting snow day!) tends to usher forth my inner eight-year-old! It’s just that every year about this time, I cross that threshold where I’m more than ready for a change of seasons and the coming of spring.  Suddenly, I’m weary of snow and ice and cold, and my heart begins to yearn for the sight…

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