Sometimes It Takes a While to Get There

09 Sep

Pastoral Ponderings

Image One of our Stained Glass Windows at East Congregational UCC, Concord, New Hampshire

“Point your kids in the right direction – when they’re old they won’t be lost.” – Proverbs  22:6 (The Message)

Of the dozens of young men and women I’ve had the privilege of coming to know during Confirmation classes over the years, one of the most memorable and, shall we say, perplexing individuals I’ve encountered was Jason – a rather headstrong and opinionated ninth grader who over the course of one year, managed to challenge just about every bit of spiritual wisdom I sought to impart upon him and his fellow confirmands.

The pattern for our relationship was established at the very first class. After I’d explained all the requirements that our church and its pastor had for them to be confirmed later that spring, Jason immediately raised his hand to ask, “Does being an aetheist make…

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