Every Generous Act of Giving

23 Oct

Pastoral Ponderings

It’s that time of year again:  Stewardship Sunday.

Just about any pastor who’s been serving a church for very long can tell you their own stories of the particular challenges that come with this yearly tradition of congregational life – from the well-meaning saint who pulls him or her aside and gently, and with all Christian love, warns against ever talking about money from the pulpit because “people won’t like it,” to the irate parishioner who, like clockwork every November, angrily threatens to leave the church because of the constant “dunning letters” they’ve received.  Trust me, friends; when you’re a minister, this just goes with the territory.

On the other hand, however, I can also say that most pastors, myself included, can tell you stewardship stories that are filled with joy, grace, and great reminders that God does indeed work in mysterious and wonderful ways.

I remember once many years…

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